Toddler Time and Pre-K Classes – Joplin’s Local Family Fun

“I need a place for the kids to play… and I need a place to talk with other mom’s”. I’ve said it, my friends have said it, and I know every other mom has said it. Parenting is HARD. You can feel like you have lost yourself in this unknown mommyhood, and sometimes just need someone to say “Yes. I also got 4 hours of sleep, finished cold coffee, was kicked by a ninja all night, and ate stale cheerios for breakfast.”

Thankfully in this little town of Joplin we have plenty of classes for our children to play at and where we can find those other sleep deprived momma’s

At the Joplin Public Library they have story time classes from age birth to Pre-K. These classes are really interactive, and have a wonderful staff guiding them. The library also provides classes like STEM and Chess Club for the older children, and they really amp up their classes for all children in the summer. Keep their online calendar saved somewhere so you can stay updated on these fun classes!

Getting messy and exploring at Spiva Art is another great option for our littles. Spiva holds a Preschool Mini Makers class for ages 3yo to 5yo, once a week for an hour. These fun little projects are such a great way to get their curiosity moving, as well as improving fine motor skills!

It’s time to see just how high you can jump at Soar Trampoline Park! Soar hosts specials just for the littles to keep them safe from having to deal with the bigger kiddos. Keep updated on their hours on Facebook: Soar Trampoline Park

Where else can you roller skate and play on an indoor playground? Roller City! Toddler Time is a lot of fun with toddler friendly music, fun ride on toys, and sometimes a special guest will arrive, like Paw Patrol! Stay updated on their Facebook page, too: Roller City

Does your little enjoy books, art, free play and snack? Mornings with Mommy in a fun group  that does just that! Come enjoy themed play dates with other mommas and kiddos. You can follow their Facebook page here: Mornings with Mommy

Dancing is a great way to help with fine motor skills, listening skills, and brain growth. Kinderdance  is for ages 3 to 5, but other classes start as little as 15 months old. To see what’s available in the Joplin area follow this link: Kinderdance

Explore the outdoors at Wildcat Glades with fun preschool classes. Wildcat also has an wonderful nature park that is so much fun to explore. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for classes: Wildcat Glades

Also, check out our Joplin Area Mom Groups to find weekly, and monthly meets. We have a lot of great options and momma’s in the area!


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