Schermerhorn Park – The Southeast Kansas Nature Center – Joplin’s Local Family Fun

Schermerhorn Park has been a part of Galena, KS, since the 1930’s, and the home of some of the rarest animals in Kansas. The Southeast Kansas Nature Center is a vital part of the park as well.



Making a day at Schermerhorn is one of our favorite things to do in Galena. We pack a lunch, the kids grab their swim gear, and we head out for our adventure.

Once there, the kids start searching for crawdads,  salamanders, and turtles. They also try to catch fish with their hands… they have yet to of been successful.

Once finished with our lunch, and playing at the play ground, we hit the trails. The favorite feature is the cave, and this tree.

How many times do you get to stand inside a tree?! 

Once we finally arrive at the cave we take time to admire the nature around us. There is a lot to look for, including bald eagles. We have seen a few fly over head!

For more information, like operating hours, and a more indepth guide of the living creatures and creepy crawlies, follow this link: Schermerhorn Park
13178999_10153914895761997_2860033426216466051_nThe Southeast Kansas Nature Center is another highlight of our day. We are able to bird and squirrel watch, take an up close look at amphibians and reptiles, and other items native to our area.

A wonderful part of the Nature Center is that they hold classes perfect for elementary students, as well as story time for preschool children. We had the opportunity to attend a field trip one year, and all of the students had a lot of fun. To stay updated on upcoming events and classes follow them on Facebook: Southeast Kansas Nature Center








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