KiddieLand Park, Pittsburg KS – Joplin’s Local Family Fun



This park has been in operation for over 60 years, and it’s located right inside Pittsburg, Kansas. I have pictures of myself riding these rides, so it’s pretty surreal watching our children on them.

“Can we celebrate 4th of July at the KiddieLand park?!”
Something that is asked almost every year, by our littles. We really enjoy their celebration, and the fun little park. If you get their early enough, they sometimes have free hot air balloon rides (they don’t go very high). It always draws a crowd as the workers and volunteers work hard to get it right side up. 536536_404177536289089_1298586418_n

The tickets for the ride are $1.00 per ticket, but there is a card you can purchase that is a great deal. The KiddieLand Park opens at the end of April, and stays opened until the beginning of October. For updated information, head over to Pittsburg Parks & Recreation ~ Pittsburg, KS – They should be posting the Spring information soon!


KiddieLand is located at Lincoln Park, along with an aquatic swimming pool (they have the most perfect spot for little ones to swim at),
basketball courts, horseshoe pits, 

disk golf, two play grounds, and more. It’s also the home of Little Balkans Days that is held annually on Labor Day weekend. This event has been held for the past 30 years, with fun for the whole family!



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