Joplin Area Spook Houses – Joplin’s Local Family Fun

Looking for something a little more frighting? Below is a list of spook houses, and zombie shoot outs in the Joplin area. The many sights and sounds of horror are awaiting you…

Happy Haunting!


Campfire Ghost Stories (Joplin)
Join us as we explore the Haunted History of Joplin’s Historic Downtown District and Murphysburg Historic District.

Fear Factory Haunt
(Webb City)

Think you can handle walking through Fear Factory Haunt? Test your bravery this season with the thrills and chills awaiting you.

Old Spanish Treasure Cave  (Sulphur Springs, Arkansas)
Spooky movies at the Old Spanish Treasure Cave

The Cadaver Zone (Webb City)
A new spot in Webb City providing years of experience – double the size spook house, 3D rooms, and more scares. Come out if you dare.

The Old Belleville Haunted Cave  (Joplin)
Come if you dare to The Old Belleville Cave in Joplin, with new and improved scare factor this season. 

The Twisted Forest
The 45 minute + harrowing trail is a dark 6/10 of a mile outdoor trek along uneven ground. You will be taken through the woods as well as through a number of dilapidated buildings – including the original house and barn. Along with these structures, you will also encounter a 3,000 sq. foot enclosed maze. Every twist and turn will keep you in suspense.

Waco School House Haunt (Waco, MO)
As you walk through this 2 story school house, the terror that you will be feeling, the noises that you will hear… will leave you anxiously looking for the nearest exit

Wolfmans House of Screams (Carl Junction)
Be ready to be scared at every twist and turn as you go through Wolfmans House of Screams.  Looking for a little less scream? Ask for the “Be Easy” at the conssesion stand for a less frightening way through. This is perfect for children or the faint at heart!


Information provided is as accurate as possible at the time of writing but always be sure to verify details as businesses may change their information at any time. If you find an error, please report it via our contact form.

 If you have a spook house, hay ride, or something similar you would like listed on our website (free of charge) please email us using the form on our Contact Us page. 


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